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Kiosk owners complaints will reach the President

Complaints of the owners of stalls and kiosks, that Moscow officials plan to dismantle this year, will reach the level of the president. The question will be submitted to the State Council to support entrepreneurship in early March.

As previously reported by RBC, the authorities in Moscow plan to remove this year all the stalls, on the purchase of which insisted three years ago. Instead of private kiosks the state owned kiosks will appear in the capital, which the city government is going to rent. The situation, when the entrepreneurs have to close their businesses, do worry the Ministry of Economic Development, the assistant to the Minister Elena Lashkina stated for RBC. "The Ministry of Economic Development received complaints of the businessmen to regulate the scope of non-stationary trade at the level of regions, including Moscow", - she said.


Ministry of Economic Development has prepared proposals to solve the problem. "The relevant paragraphs were given as suggestions  to the anti-crisis plan", - said Deputy Minister Oleg Fomichev on Wednesday, answering to the question by RBC. According to him, no one argued with them ideologically, but they do not have a direct relationship to the anti-crisis plan, and were not included in it.

Federal officials want to "regulate the whole situation": the terms of parcels and the rights of entrepreneurs, rent and so on. "So, that the layout of non-stationary objects  and their changes were publicly", - said Fomichev. Time limitations for placing objects should be spelled out in contracts. Otherwise, the owners of the tents should be able to get financial compensation for costs incurred from the budget.

Head of the Department of Trade and Services of the Government of Moscow Alexei Nemeryuk explained the dismantling of the tents in the capital as follows: "A different appearance is needed now and the situation is completely different." According to him, "pavilions [will be] new ones that we will order ourselves."

"We do not object that the government can change the concept, it just has to change with the rights of employers and the necessary compensation and transitional periods for the contract to the final validity" - said Fomichev, noting that this is a problem in all regions, not just Moscow .

This issue will be brought on the level of President Vladimir Putin - at the meeting of the State Council on the "Measures for the development of small and medium-sized businesses in Russia." It could take place in early March. "The State Council will consider the issue as a whole to support small and medium-sized businesses.

It’s one of the directions, said Fomichev, this question has not yet been discussed with Moscow. But the representative of Moscow is included in the working group and  of course, we will discuss. "