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Trays with the press will be four times less.

Number of outlets selling "from hands" newspapers and journals in the capital will be reduced by almost four times. The remaining points will be replace by special trade press stands, said the Head of Media and Advertising Department Vladimir Chernikov.

Now the city has about 1.5 thousand points of trade, after the innovation will be 400. According to Chernikov, lounging and trays selling media, causes more complaints from Muscovites than approval.


He stressed that such outlets mainly located near subway stations and prevented the passage of the citizens in the "rush hour". "The ability to sell newspapers" with it "will remain, but will be more civilized," - said the head of the department.

As previously reported, in the press kiosks, owned by the city, the ATMs, payment terminals services and refrigerators with drinks will appear. The reason for reforming the press trade was the desire of the authorities to replace all the newsstands by the new model.

It should be noted that the city authorities recently allowed to sell drinking water in kiosks with printed materials.