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Source: LifeNews plans to cut up to half of the staff before the New Year

LifeNews edition ready to cut to half it’s staff in the coming weeks. This was told to TJ by several sources familiar with the situation within the company.

According to the sources, the leadership came to this decision about two weeks ago. On which of the employees will leave the company in the first place, became known on Dec. 16.

Large-scale downsizing is due to the difficult financial situation of NewsMedia. In this regard, the company also canceled the New Year corporate celebration.


Sources say that the reduction applies only to the LifeNews publication. It is not known whether the layoffs are planned in other editions of the holding.

In reception room of the General Director of NewsMedia Aram Gabrelyanov, TJ was said, that they would not give comments on downsizing.

The head of the creative department of LifeNews channel Andrei Mikheev on his FB page on December 12 pointed out that since January 1, he will have to work seven days a week.