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Public search engine "Sputnik" will acquire its own mail and browser

This will help Russians to keep their personal data in Russia

The public search engine "Sputnik", launched by "Rostelecom" in May, will have its own postal service and own internet browser. This was told to "Izvestia" by a source, familiar with the situation around the project. The information was confirmed in "Sputnik" company, developing the search engine (owned by OJSC "Rostelecom").

- Within plans of different urgency, of course, there are a number of services and technologies that can be called mandatory for portals. Including the post with a browser. Now we actively recruit people, forming a team. It’s too early to say something more now - says "Sputnik’s spokesman Dmitry Chistov.


Now the company is looking for developers of e-mail service, the browser (currently only for the Windows operating system), as well as geo-informational services. "Sputnik" requires also a specialist in computer linguistics.

According to the founder of the LiveInternet portal Herman Klimenko, the creation of the modern mail server "is not a challenge of the highest order", there are many well-known technical solutions are easy to buy and operate.

- In one year 15-20 people will make quite a decent post - says Dmitry Komissarov - CEO of "The new cloud computing" company. - But in the future it will be necessary to change the architecture if the service will be highly visited.