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About Barack Obama - with respect and some surprise

In recent times, the President of  the United States is criticized by all or almost all in Russia. It is understandable. There is a cold snap between the two countries, time of smiles and reload passed, replaced by suspicion and sanctions. Nevertheless, one cannot deny the existence of positive merits and above all - in support of small businesses in the book trade, of American leader.

How the portal wrote, right after the traditional American holiday - Thanksgiving Day - Barack Obama with his daughters Sasha and Malia visited a bookstore, talked to vendors and, most interestingly, even bought 17 books. I.e. helped Book Publishers and Distributors with American dollars. Among these 17 books, there are for teenagers and children, but there are also serious, for adults. For example, Evan Osnos’s "The era of ambition: the pursuit of wealth, truth and faith in the new China", a former correspondent for the New Yorker magazine in China, or Richard Flanagan’s "Narrow road to the deep North", who got the Booker Prize for this novel.

This Holiday-time story remind me immediately the problems of our Motherland in the field of printed products. Let me remind you that we have a rapidly shrinking number of bookstores because of rising rents and the total number today is less than it was in Russia until 1917. Number of press stalls in the country felt from 42 thousand to 29 thousand and continues to decline at an average rate of 10 objects per day. And also for economic reasons!

Recently a prominent American magazine market expert Professor Samir Husni has visited Moscow. Acquainted with the Moscow market of printed materials, after talks with colleagues in the major publishing houses, he came to the surprising conclusion, that the processes and problems in the printed media industry in Russia and the United States are very similar. "The processes taking place in the media market in Russia, in general, are similar to what is happening with magazines and newspapers in the USA. The distribution, the advertising market and the future of printed media - these are the three areas of business that Russian experts are concerned about. Surprisingly, in Russia and in the USA there are similar trends in the market of periodic media, "- he said.

The most interesting thing is that when he returned home to Mississippi, S.Husni in his blog entry has indicated with the title "From Russia with Love." Such a reaction of overseas colleague makes us happy and gives us hope that someday the cold snap between the two countries will be over and time to warming and trust will prevail.

And coming back to Obama’s  visit to the bookstore, I would like to note that it would be nice if the Russian leaders also find time to shop in bookstores or press kiosks to support domestic industry with Russian ruble.