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On November 25-26 at the invitation of PDA a prominent expert in the field of printed media, the Director of the Magazine media innovation centre at the University of Mississippi professor Samir Husni (USA) was in Moscow.

American expert on printed media market professor Samir Husni visited the State Duma and FAPMC. 

S. Husni took part in the branch conference "State, problems and prospects of development of Russian periodicals market", organized by the Press Distribution Association with the support of the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications.


His presentation at the conference - "Debunking the myth of the death of printed media" - was praised by Russian participants of the meeting. S. Husni in a convincing manner refuted the perception in some media environment and the structures of power view of the impending demise of traditional newspapers and magazines under the onslaught of the electronic media. Even the economic turmoil and the rapid development of digital technology have failed, said the American professor, to displace printed editions from the market. According to Mr. Husni, the created publishing product should be respected, it’s important to try to give it spiritual qualities in order to bring the magazines and newspapers to  the consumer interest primarily, not the advertiser.

During his stay in Moscow, S. Husni held talks with representatives of the three publishing houses: PH "Burda", PH "Kommersant" and PH "Za Rulem", where he got acquainted with the history of the companies, a wide range of their products. According to the American colleague, some Russian magazines can compete with Western ones on economic indicators. During the talks, S. Husni was interested particularly in the state of the press retail market in Russia, the situation in the field of the subscription, the subscription rates dynamics, issues of advertising in the printed periodicals.

An important element of S. Hosni’s visit to Moscow were his meetings in the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications and the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, Information Technology and Communications.

American guest was received by the Deputy Chief of FAPMC V. V. Grigoriev. The sides exchanged views on the prospects for the development of the press and the printed press in general. At the same time Vladimir Grigoriev said that as well as S. Husni he doesn’t believe in pessimistic predictions about the fate of the printed press. Moreover, the digital can not always replace the printed press. In support of his position, he said that when it was necessary to obtain information about the first match of hockey teams in Canada and the Soviet Union in the history, it was found that the information recorded on the tape can not be restored due to violation of the storage conditions. As a result, they had to use the newspaper materials. Thus, said Vladimir Grigoriev, electronic media are potentially unreliable, and in some ways even alien to man, as opposed to the traditional paper media.

In the State Duma S. Husni arrived at the invitation of the First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy A. V. Tumanov. Here a thorough tour of the Parliament was organized, during which the foreign guest visited the headquarters of the main political factions of the State Duma. A. V. Tumanov and S. Husni discussed means of foreign broadcasting in Russian (such as RT and "Sputnik"), and also agreed that the abundance of propaganda and biased information hinders the development of bilateral relations, including in the media sphere.

In conclusion of his visit S. Husni talked with PDA President D. V. Martynov and PDA Chairman of the Board A. V. Oskin. During the meeting the sides exchanged views on prospects of cooperation of media industry organizations of the two countries, as well as new developments and trends in domestic and foreign markets. Special attention was placed on cooperation in the field of new technologies, the Internet, the use of advanced foreign experience to effectively implement the "360 degrees" to create and promote content on the Russian market.

S. Husni on behalf of the Association of the US magazine media (MPA - The Association of Magazine Media) invited the PDA delegation in the US for talks with Mary Berner, president of the MPA, and David Carey, president of Hearst Magazines.

S. Husni expressed his gratitude to the leadership of PDA for the opportunity to visit Moscow to get closely acquainted with Russian press market. He remarked, that thanks to the visit he got a lot of pleasant experiences and a lot of useful information. In his opinion, Russia and the United States must take a course on convergence and reducing tensions in the information space. According to Mr. Husni, the United States and Russia have much in common.