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Regional editions can not withstand the pressure of "Russian Post"

"Russian Post" today puts a serious pressure on regional editions and engage in illegal extortion - this is the hard conclusion of the last study of ONF dedicated to the confrontation of the largest distributor of publications and provincial media. The monitoring results and numerous complaints from the field forced the Centre for Legal Support of journalists of ONF contact the Antimonopoly Service to provide an assessment of "action" of "Russian Post".


The situation with the Arkhangelsk regional newspaper "Kurier Belomoria" can be characterized as an incitement to suicide. The publication, in fact, was forced to pay twice for the same service. Moreover, the distributor in unauthorized manner raised the tariffs for delivery by 34%. To incur such expenditure edition is not able.

However, as the ONF activists recall,  in fight with the vicious practice of double fees from the monopolist, the law can used. For example, the newspaper "Vyatkski kraj" and "Kaliningradskaja  Pravda" successfully defended their rights in court. Social activists will continue to closely monitor the illegal actions of "Russian Post".