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Russians will be able to remove all the information about themselves from the Internet

Every Russian can demand to remove personal information from the databases on the Internet. This right has been laid in a number of provisions of Russian law. But more adjustments will be needed.

Meanwhile a citizen may request to update personal information in databases, said Deputy chief of Roskomnadzor Antonina Priezzheva on an international conference of the agency, dedicated to the protection of the personal data of Russians.


Right to oblivion can be considered not only in relation to Internet search engines, but also in relation to social networks. And it gets in line with the fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens. But it need to go to the court. The are no precedents of similar cases in Russia yet. And Roscomnadzor uses data protection mechanisms, based on the pre-trial decisions and self-regulation. "Currently, information is deleted by the operators themselves upon our request," - explained Priezzheva.