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SCHEDULE XXVII PDA International Conference "The market of printed and electronic media in Russia in 2015: Challenges, Trends and Prospects" Shanghai (China) 17-22 October 2014

October 19, (Sunday)

Day I. Media landscape overview

General Session

9.00-9.10. Opening the conference

9.10-9.40. Keynote address: Russia media landscape overview (current situation, trends and forecast)

Genadyi Kudiy, deputy GM Federal Agency Mass Media Communication

9.40-10.00. Keynote address:New retail formats for press distribution

Alexey Fedotov, GM Segodnya-Press Company

10.00-10.20. Keynote address: Legislation, improve the efficiency of interaction between publishers and distributors, promotion press product at retail

Mark Fisher, GM Bauer Publishing Company

10.20-10.40. Keynote address: Interaction post and press market in China

Yanina Polyhovich, Executive Director PDA

10.40-10.50. Video presentation

Pavel Filenkov, GM Komersant publishing company

10.50-11.10. Break

11.10-11.30. Keynote address: Russian newsstand market

Tatyana Tsybina, director strategic marketing department Consult-Center Company

11.30-11.50. Keynote address: Macroeconomic factors affecting the customers behavior

Tatyana Vlasenko, director strategic marketing department Media Distribution

11.50-12.00. Keynote address:  The «Business Traveller» magazine

Margarita Gorelikova, circulation and advertising director Uitnes Media

12.00-13.00. Keynote Panel Discussion: New approaches to press market


Alexey Fedotov,GM Segodnya-Press Company

Nataliya Grishina, Arbuz Publishing Company


October 20, (Monday)

Day II. Interaction of paper and electronic media. Searching for the optimal model

Plenary session

9.00-9.30. Keynote address: Russian print and digital markets in 2015, challengers, trends, forecasts

Martynov Dmitry, president PDA

9.30-10.10. Keynote address: The printed media market in China. Key trends, challenges, development

Shi Yun, Deputy Director Newspaper&Periodical Dept


China National Publications Import and Export Shanghai Company

10.10-10.25. Keynote address: New trends in subscription market in Russia and abroad

Vyacheslav Kerov, chairman Alliance in support of subscription to newspapers and magazines

10.25-10.40. Keynote address: Subscription market: Development and forecast

Vladimir Dvoryanov,PR director Regional Subscription Agency

10.40-10.50 Video presentation

Ivan Zasurscy, head of New Media class in Moscow State University

10.50-11.10. Break

11.10-11.25. Keynote address: Prospects for the book distribution through FMCG chains

Olga Lugareva, sales Director Media Distribution

11.25-11.40. Keynote address: A year of literature. The role of the press product

Alla Gromadina, head of publishing department Culture newspaper

11.40-12.00. Keynote address: Press distribution market in the retail sector: Status and Prospects in Russia and abroad

Tatyana Tsybina, director strategic marketing department Consult-Center Company

12.00-13.00. Keynote Panel Discussion: Internet and subscription (challengers and trends)


Vyacheslav Kerov, chairman Alliance in support of subscription to newspapers and magazines

Vladimir Dvoryanov,PR director Regional Subscription Agency


October 21, (Thursday)

Day III. Subscription and retail sales, general trends

Plenary session

9.00-9.20. Keynote address: Historical aspects of the formation subscription market in Russia

Martynov Dmitry, president PDA

9.20-9.40. Video presentation

German Barinov, GM ARIA AIF

9.40-10.00. Keynote address: Overview of retail sales of the press product in different. Based on the materials of the 59th Congress Distripress

Olga Evteeva, Head of foreign relations department Logos-Finance

10.00-10.20. Keynote address: New marketing tools for print media market

Tatyana Tsybina, director strategic marketing department Konsult-Center Company

10.20-10.40. Keynote address: New trends on a media market field  

Georgy Prohorov, commercial director Press-Logistic

10.40-11.00. Video presentation

Alexander Sinelnikov, chief editor Moy Rayon Newspaper

11.00-11.30. Break

11.30-12.30. Keynote Panel Discussion: Problems of retail sales of the press. Is there a way to overcome the crisis?


Sergey Gavrilov, GM ARPI Siberia

Konstantin Nedosekin, GM Press Logistik

12.30-13.00.  Feaadback and review from PDA conference