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A new wave of persecution of the press kiosks in Moscow started in Strogino

The situation around the press kiosks has deteriorated in Moscow. The contracts for placement of press objects of many of the market operators are till the August of this year. Market participants had received verbal assurances from the department of media and advertising in the city of Moscow that existing the contracts will be extended at least until the end of this year, as a work on a new concept of press distribution in the capital and new models newsstands is still going on in Moscow. However, this assertion on the fact proved untenable.  

A field meeting was held organized by the Strogino district council for entrepreneurs of retail trade on July 17, 2014. At this meeting it was announced that if the Department of media and advertising of the city of Moscow will not decide on the future of kiosks, distributing printed materials untill 09.01.2014, entrepreneurs will be required within 3 days from the date of termination of the contract for accommodation NTO independently take away their kiosks from the district area.

The district authorities themselves will remove themselves the booths to the penal fields in case of failure of voluntary release of the site and then recover their fare through the courts. This applies to all press kiosks of the Northwestern District of Moscow. Vacated land will be put up for auction.

Such a position of the "Strogino" district council is in a contradiction with the understanding reached by PDA with Vice-Mayor of Moscow A.N.Gorbenko on the meetings on 16.01.2014 and 27. 03. 2014 and causes a legitimate concern among press market participants in the capital.

The PDA has repeatedly drawn attention to the management of capital to this unfavorable situation with the tightening of the program of replacing of the press kiosks in Moscow and related tender procedures for the new period. Anticipating this development, as far back as on June 5, 2014 PDA’s  President Dmitry Martynov has sent a letter to the Deputy Mayor of Moscow on regional security issues and information policy A.N.Gorbenko with a proposal of the adoption of the Moscow Government Resolution "On approval of the retailer printed products in Moscow" to allow commercial activity of NTO with specialization "print"on the basis of additional agreements with the prefectures, the validity of which to be agreed with the department of media and advertising in Moscow.

The PDA and press market participants in Moscow hope, that in the current situation the Moscow Government will take the necessary decisions and to the end of this year the press distribution in the capital will not undergo significant changes.