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Moscow district councils expect from Moscow city authorities a clarification about the future of the press kiosks

"The situation around the stalls of the press in Moscow, has deteriorated", - was said in a statement of Press Distributors Association yesterday. According to the organization, last week the district council of Strogino held a meeting for entrepreneurs of small retail trade, where it was declared that if the Department of metropolitan media and advertising will not decide about the future of the press kiosks before September 1, distributors will be required within three days after the trade agreements for placing objects, to remove them from the area.

Let’s remind: Current activities throughout unsteady retail in Moscow is based on Government Regulation № 26-PP "On placing unsteady shopping facilities located in Moscow on land, in the buildings, structures and facilities owned by the state." However, by a number of reasons (primarily economic), and also because of the social importance of the press kiosks, not so long ago an idea appeared in the capital's government to bring out the press distributors from the application of this ordinance. Possible - by creating a separate regulatory document. Possible - not within the Department of Commerce, and the Department of media and advertising. Possible - even by transferring all the stalls into ownership of media with 100% of the capital city. Options for the development of further events have been set. All of them were actively discussed and by the market participants, as well as the representatives of government, but the common denominator is still to come and failed.

Time, meanwhile, was going away. In early September,the existing contracts of many newsstands already will terminate the arrangement. To remind this to entrepreneurs and let them know that if till the end of the month Strogino district council did not get clarification from city leaders about the future of the press kiosks, district authorities have collected the entrepreneurs in late July .

It should be noted in particular that in the absence of a decision on the fate of the newsmen, the sellers of the press not only of a single district will suffer. The question is relevant for the entire city. However, unlike the leadership of Strogino, the authorities of the remaining districts of Moscow for some reason do not show such information activity, apparently preferring distributors then put before the fact.

PlanetaSMI.RU asked for official clarification of several town councils. Unfortunately, no official comment on the matter has not yet been received. However, on condition of anonymity, a senior official of one of them in a conversation on the phone gave some explanation to our editorial board:

"There is the 26th resolution of the government of Moscow, where nothing is written about any privileges, that press kiosks have some compared to other STO. Therefore, within the framework of this decision as soon as we run out of contracts for the placement of the object, it will be withdrawn from the area. We have already begun this process: some objects in early September terminate contracts, and if we will not provide them to the Commission for unauthorized construction, they are obtained, will stand without formal contractual relationship. That is, would be unlawful. Allow this to happen, we can not - we are responsible for the territory of the region. Therefore, to avoid illegal disposal, we will have to submit data to the Commission on squatter. And there - so it decides ... Department of mass media is aware of the situation. If it is necessary to release the document, of course, there is nothing we will not do this".

It is hoped that the relevant departments of the city government will give all the necessary explanations to the heads of Moscow districts, thus preserving such familiar for Muscovites and visitors press kiosks.