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Authorities of the Rostov region have assigned further 16 million rubles for support of municipal media

To save the subscribers of the printed media, to support municipal printing publishing and keep their circulation is not possible without the support of the regional center, assured the Governor of the Rostov Region Vasily Golubev.

"The Don population is used to receive information about events in the region or area from their local newspapers, we do not want to deprive them of this opportunity. Raising tariffs (Russian Post - IF) first will hit subscribers in small settlements, whose inhabitants are most reading audience. Our task is to prevent the closure of local newspapers, try to preserve their circulation and, most importantly, accessible cost for readers"- the words of V. Golubev quoted on Tuesday in the Management of government information policy in the region.

Interlocutor of the agency said that in April this year tariffs for the provision of subscription and delivery of regional, city and district newspapers by Russian Post grew on average 2.5 times. It jeopardized the closing of many printed media in Rostov region.

By the decision of the head of the region additionally are allocated 16 million rubles, to support the media and printing companies in the Rostov region, said a spokesman for the regional government.

Currently, there are various forms of economic support municipal press in the Rostov region. Besides subsidies for reimbursement for the production and release of regional newspapers, local media competitively awarded grants for the implementation of social projects from the regional budget.

In addition, annual journalistic contests are held for the award of the governor of the Rostov region in several categories - "Media Against Corruption", "Media against drugs" and others, the winners of which receive cash incentives.