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Publishers have lost 12% of advertising revenues

In the first half of the year the national press advertising revenues declined by 12% to 10.8 billion rubles, calculated the analytical center "Video International" (AC Vi). The falling of the advertising market is forcing publishers to optimize their portfolios: over the last eight months more than two dozen newspapers and magazines already had been closed.

In June, the advertising revenue of the central press publishers declined by 13.5% to 1.5 billion rubles without VAT, was indicated in the last report of AC Vi, published on its website. In May felt by 19.1% to 1.7 billion rubles, in April - 12.5 to 2.3 billion rubles.

Less dramatic for the press were February and March, when advertising fees decreased respectively by 5.7%, to 1.7 billion rubles, and 8.6% to 2.4 billion rubles. In January drop equaled 16.5%, to 981 million rubles. Thus, in general, for the first six months of publishers earned almost 10.8 billion rubles on advertising, which is 12.3% lower than a year earlier.

Only two of the ten major segments were able to demonstrate a positive trend in the first half of the year, follows from AC Vi reports for May and June. So,  advertising revenues of publishers of free newspapers rose by 2%, to 438 million rubles, and logbooks - at 21%, up to the same 438 million rubles. But, in scope, these niches are not determinative. In the same key for the entire market segment of women's magazines advertising fees fell by 3%, to 2.9 billion rubles, the other two large niches decline was more significant: in TV guides - by 18%, to 976 million rubles, Weeklies in bulk - 13% to 960 million rubles.

These figures are due to a general decline in activity of the major categories of advertisers in the press. Pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers of dietary supplements reduced their budgets by 9%, to 1.5 billion rubles in January-June, automakers and their dealers - by 12% to 1.2 billion rubles, according to the AC Vi. However, three of the ten key categories still stepped up its activities – it is "Perfumery and cosmetics" (an increase of 1% to 1.4 billion rubles), "Clothing and footwear" (plus 5% to 1.3 billion rub.) and "Watches and jewelery" (plus 16%, to 630 million rubles). Growth in the budgets in these categories contributed to the fact that revenues of publishers of women's magazines felt not as strong as in other segments.