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Internet companies will be banned to store data of Russians abroad

The State Duma adopted in the first reading of a bill requiring online services to store the data of Russian citizens on the territory of our country.

Yesterday the State Duma adopted in the first reading of amendments made by member of the Parliament Vadim Dengin to the law on information, that require all Internet companies to store data for all users on Russian servers in Russia. The project was supported by 342 deputies, or 76% of all present. And opposed by only nine people.

We are talking about all the data on Russian citizens, which is used for registration, online shopping, sending an e-mail messages. If the service violates the rules for data storage, it will be blocked by operators. Roscomnadzor will monitor the blocking. The Norm will enter into force on September 1st, 2016.

If someone did not remove his correspondence within three months, such as in Twitter, then it all goes to the U.S., where the access to it receives U.S. National Security Agency,  as in the user agreement, explained the sense of the project Dengin himself at a meeting in the State Duma. U.S. intelligence agencies are familiar with all the data about users from Russia, concluded the deputy. According to him, "Yandex" "already follows the legislative initiative and build data centers in Russia". MP do not mind that companies have to spend money on transport of servers to Russia: "These are losses according to business, nothing wrong with that". And the state's desire is to protect Russian citizens is quite normal, he added.

The Project was approved by the State Duma Committee on Information Policy and supported by  faction "United Russia". "Protecting our data is unthinkable if they are outside of Russia", - said yesterday at a plenary meeting of the faction deputy Roman Chuichenko. Amendments more likely expand access to user data, if earlier only in the Western intelligence agencies had that, now it will be also available for domestic ones, criticized the project representative of the Communist Party - deputy Sergei Obukhov.

The representative of "Yandex" Asya Melkumova says, that data on Russian users the company stores in Russia. She does not understand why we need the new amendments, if they largely overlap with the current legislation on the protection of personal data. Anyone, she said, now may require a court to stop the spread of information about him. Bill is completely non-working, or it must be distributed only to state agencies and companies, agrees Director of External Relations of Rambler & Co. Matthew Alekseev. Most likely, this law will simply override access to most Russian foreign Internet services that are unlikely to agree to store data only in our country, he said. For all "sensitive" state data should be taken rigid rules of data processing and storage, is sure the director of the Russian Association of Electronic Communications Sergey Plugotarenko, while the users of private services must be provided a choice of where to store the data.

A Google spokesman declined to comment, representatives of Facebook and Twitter did not respond to a request.