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About a quarter of the Muscovites do not read local newspapers for free - survey

23% of Muscovites do not read free local newspapers, while 38% just browse them. This is according to a survey conducted by the "Public Opinion" Endownment.

According to the study, complimentary newspapers are delivered to mailboxes of 79% of Muscovites, 16% do not receive them, the remaining 4% were undecided.

Among the Muscovites reading complimentary newspapers 18% believe that they can find a lot of useful information, 27% say that they have little interesting and 5% of  respondents think, that the newspapers are quite useless.

The regional printed press is most popular among women and the elderly. Most often, readers like materials on  accomplishments in the city and informational advertising, including info re: leisure for children.

Earlier in the annex "Active Citizen" the metropolitan residents were asked about whether they are satisfied with the quality of district and regional newspapers.

Organizers were also interested in whether people get county newspapers that are released several times a month and local newspapers, issued monthly. In addition, the Muscovites were asked which publications are most interesting to them.