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Search engine "Sputnik" launched the first mobile services

As we wrote before, a new and promising search engine "Sputnik" came into service in Russia.

Russian Internet search engine "Sputnik" launched the first mobile applications "My House" and "Medicines" on both iOS and Android. This is stated in the message of "Rostelecom" company which owns the search engine.

Applications are available for free download from online stores AppStore and Google Play. Mobile app "Medicines", as it was demonstrated by "" testing, allows you to find a particular remedy at your local pharmacy and find its value. In the search options you can choose the manufacturer and dosage of the drug, and then see how much of it is in each of these pharmacies. At the basis of "Medicines", according to the company, 15 000 pharmacies are contained. Fifteen cities, including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk are available for  selection in the search.

The second app  ─ «My house" - contains information about the organizations serving and surrounding the house. For example, there is contact to the nearest tax offices, clinics, local policemen and community facilities. The application is also make available the  information on the buildings: year of construction, series of project and the area. The application "My house" contains data on 18 million homes in Russia.

Both the mobile services from the "Sputnik" allow us to construct routes to selected institutions to share information in social networks or call the above number by clicking on the numbers in the application.

Internet search engine "Sputnik" was launched in May 2014. Its stated purpose ─ concentration on information to solve everyday problems of Russians, for example, the best prices for medicines in pharmacies, contact the government agencies, serving a particular house, or instructions on obtaining maternity capital.