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Chinese Embassy in Russia supports PDA’s media-conference in Shanghai (China)

On July 2 the Chairman of PDA A. V. Oskin and the head of the Press and Information and Public Diplomacy of the Embassy Yunhay Gow met at the Embassy of China in Russia. The talks were attended also by Executive Director of PDA Y. Polyuhovich and the Third secretary of the Embassy of China in the Russian Federation Li Lagny.

During the meeting A. V. Oskin informed Chinese diplomats about the preparation of media-conference of PDA "Market of printed and electronic media in 2015 Russia: Problems, Trends and Prospects", which will be held in Shanghai from October 20 to 25 this year. He stressed that the representatives of the Russian printed media refer with great interest to the experience of the Chinese colleagues and would be interested, if press publishers and distributors, as well as government representatives spoke on the topic of state support of media at the upcoming conference in Shanghai.

Go Yunhay said that the Embassy of China in Russia will cooperate fully in this important industry event. He also noted, that in October this year marks the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between our countries, so media-conference of PDA is of great political and cultural importance and will become an important event in a series of Russian-Chinese events, dedicated to this important date.

Go Yunhay stressed that after the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin in Shanghai, the relationship between Russia and China have received a new impetus in the development. He also expressed confidence that our friendship and cooperation will develop rapidly in all directions. Due to the fact that the years 2014-2015 are declared as years of youth exchange between Russia and China, it would be important to establish the exchange of young journalists.

Next, the participants discussed the current problems of printed media markets of their countries. In conclusion, both sides agreed on the active cooperation and interaction of information on various issues.

Go Yunhay assured, that all materials of media-conference of PDA in Shanghai will be transferred to the Chinese Foreign Ministry.