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The Russian national search engine "Sputnik" was launched

Search engine "Sputnik", which was developed by "Rostelecom", launched in beta for users.

Search engine is available at

A new Internet search engine "Sputnik" will focus on information to solve everyday problems of Russians - for example, the best prices for medicines in pharmacies, contact government agencies, serving a particular building, or instructions on obtaining maternity capital.

On the home page are located several familiar to users of online searchers elements - the search string , the widget with weather information, a list of relevant news, links to services. A significant part of the main page is reserved for the gallery with photos of Russian nature.

Search engine will index headings resources and some of the most popular English-language sites. First of all, the service focuses on meeting the demand for Russian-speaking audience services associated with life in Russia, creators of " Sputnik" sauid, that indexing tasks of western resources is not necessary.

A set of services from " Sputnik " is really quite specific. Thus, section "My House" is intended to find organizations serving a particular house - a post office, HOA , clinic, FMS , and so on . When you enter an address, in a separate widget displays house on the map, information on year of construction, zip code and the nearest metro station.