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Victor Shkulev elected as a Deputy Chairman of FIPP

During the last annual meeting in Bangkok, the International Federation of the Periodical Press (FIPP) decided to elect Victor Shkulev – President of media company Hearst Shkulev Media as a Deputy Chairman of FIPP. Victor Shkulev became the first Eastern European and Russian representative as a Deputy Chairman of FIPP since its inception.

FIPP (Fédération Internationale de la Presse Périodique) - The International Federation of the Periodical Press - founded in 1925, operates in the interests of world magazine publishers, promoting common editorial, cultural and economic interests of the publishers of magazines - both printed and electronic.

FIPP members are the national magazines associations, publishing companies interested in international cooperation, the publishing industry suppliers and other companies from more than 70 countries. To date, FIPP represents more than 110,000 journal publications.

Today FIPP members are over 40 national publishing associations (from Russia - Guild of Press Publishers) and more than 130 publishing companies and associations - direct members.

Among the main activities of FIPP: dissemination of information on the market to strengthen relations and exchange of knowledge, experiences and ideas between publishers of magazines around the world; conduct industry research and disseminate the results thereof; organizing regular professional activities; promotion of freedom of press; protection of intellectual property in all forms and many more. More about FIPP - on site