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Problems of subscription and printed media retail in Russia

From April 24 to April 25, 2014 the XXVI Seminar "Improved sales of periodicals" of "ARPI "Sibir" passed in Novosibirsk.  V. V. Kerov, deputy chairman of the PDA, Chairman of the Coordination Council of the Alliance in support of the Institute of subscription to newspapers and magazines, spoke at the event.

Report was devoted to topical issues of the printed media in Russia. Presenting the information on the dynamics of the structure and the volume of the Russian market periodicals to participants, V.V.Kerov elaborated on the situation in the field of press distribution.

Speaking about the distribution of printed media through kiosks, the speaker pointed out two main problems that make unpromising long-term investments in the kiosk business: requirements for the right to organize press stalls for the short term and bureaucratic restrictions on the range, dislocation of stalls etc. The speaker also noted that over the past 2 years more than 2,000 stalls of the press were demolished on the territory of Russia, which, combined with the growth rates for the subscription will reduce the Russian print media market in 2014, in copies and in rubles.

The main problem of the subscription market in Russia, according to V. V. Kerov is a constant growth of rates for backbone carriage and postal charges for subscription delivery, which leads to a reduction in annual subscription circulations. In the 2nd half of 2014 the difference between the retail price and the subscription with the growth of the subscription price and GTSMPP tariff may be about 50%. The growth of prices for some regional publications can range from 60 % to 188 %, which, according to market experts, will reduce the circulation of some printed media for 50%.

Concluding his presentation, V. V. Kerov identified several priority measures to support domestic printed media market:

Closer cooperation of publishers and distributors in solving urgent problems of the press market

Increasing the number of Press retail outlets

The active work on the creation and launching new publishing products to the Russian market

Development of promotional program for targeted subscription system

Improving the quality of postal delivery: delivery deadlines for the press subscribers.


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