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Tariffs of "Russian Post" on the delivery of newspapers and magazines can be frozen

On the media forum in St. Petersburg a support for the regional media had been promised by President Vladimir Putin. As RBC found, on the first phase tariffs of "Russian Post" should be frozen for the subscribers, on the second – the state backing of subscription is established.

The President’s administration is preparing orders of the Head of state, aimed to reduce financial risks for regional media, source close to the Putin administration and politic, who learned about it from the leaders of the State Duma, told RBC. At the first phase the tariffs of "Russian Post" on the subscriptions delivery will be frozen, on the second - the state backing of subscription is established for regional political media, sources from RBC clarified. Representative of the Post Didenko Elena could not confirm this information.


Basic subscription campaign for the second half of 2014 was launched on April 1. Then "Russian Post" informed partners about the rise of the shipping costs, leading to higher prices for individual subscriptions to publications up to 70%. According to the Chairman of the Association of press distributors (PDA) Alexander Oskin, the increase of subscription rates occurred in the range of 10 to 200 %. The Post made such a step due to the termination of subsidizing services for the delivery of newspapers and magazines to the subscribers. To save the subscription it adopted stimulus measures, particularly increased the discount rate for those subscribers who will take their own publications in post offices on average to 43%.

Last Thursday, April 24, Putin listened to complaints of publishers on the Media Forum "Truth and Justice", organized by the All-Russian People's Front in St. Petersburg. "What I thought would be right to do for Rospechat, is just slip those may be insufficient resources at their disposal, just to the side of regional media, because nationwide media for all the complexity of their situation still are in the best situation ( ... ) We will discuss this in the government, " - he promised.

According to Oskin, freezing of subscription tariffs will save the regional media by the cost of "serious financial losses" for "Russian Post". "If we act consistently, the government needs to raise the amount of subsidy (subscription - RBC) from the current 3 billion to 6 billion rubles with an annual indexation of this amount under inflation", - the head of PDA offers. The source in the "Russian Post" confirmed: for not raising of the subscription prices from April 1, it would have to find about 3 billion rubles from its own funds.

Last year was difficult for the printed press - it was forbidden to advertise brands of alcohol and tobacco, so their retail prices in many newspapers and magazines have risen sharply: in the first quarter of 2014 by 4.5%. According to the forecast of ZenithOptimedia, the amount of advertising in the print media in 2014 will decrease by 8%, according to the group Vi - 19%.

Eugene KRASNIKOV, Michael Rubin

Source: RBC daily