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The bloggers fate in Russia is unpredictable and frustrating

There was a popular slogan in "Komsomolskaya Pravda" some time ago: "We amaze every day". This wonderful slogan can be referred to the activities of the State Duma. Last pearls - it is the law on blogs and bloggers. Rather part of the law on combating terrorism, which as a whole was adopted in SD last Friday. The essence of it is known, it is simple: if the blogger has more than 3 thousands of hits per day of his text, he acquires the status and position of the media, with all the consequences.

I suspect that the proponents of this law were guided by good intentions, but as a result have become a target of mockery and insidious comments in RuNet. It is clear that in the first place in the number of such "new media" will get such popular bloggers as D.A. Medvedev, D.O. Rogozin, N.N. Nikiforov, S.A. Zhelezniak and others. And from foreign bloggers, of course, Pope Francis, Dalai Lama, Barack Obama , etc.

It is noteworthy, that even the "Spraviedlivaya Rossia" could not help sarcastic comments. "My grandmother, who sits at the entrance, also communicates with so many people, so that we now equate the grandmother to the media on the grounds that it is a distributor of information?" - quoted faction’s first Deputy Chairman Mikhail Emelyanov, RIA Novosti news agency. Also, journalist Sergei Parkhomenko, the radio station „Echo of Moscow", on Friday program "The essence of the events" deeply considered all the paradoxes of the law.

It is quite obvious that the Internet needs to be regulated and develop the rules of the game as, for example, the road traffic rules for vehicles and pedestrians. But those rules must be reasonable and pragmatic and not cause "hee-haws" and „ha-ha „at the respectable public. We are not going to scoff at, say, a road sign over the speed limit in the village or banning traffic on certain segments of road, etc.?! All reasonable is reasonable!

I suggest our Duma to create a new Committee to "Control deputy initiatives, capable of discredit the State Duma." Such a body could be very helpful to some of our parliamentarians concerned of their own PR or a desire to "bend over backwards" to the high command. Well, if the MPs do not really want to legislate in the interests of the people and country, then maybe they would stop such a deterrent parliamentary mechanism? However, as practice shows, the presence of the relevant Committee, for example, the ethics committee is not able to stop, for example, V.V. Zhirinovsky in his offensive actions against journalists. But, from a formal point of view, the hope for a positive role of such a body could have a place. Otherwise, we will be surprised by the actions of our deputies even more often and can be several times a day.