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Andrey Tumanov: Bureaucracy now is afraid of the publicity and pressure, rather than fines

The Initiative of the mandatory response by email to the journalist’s requests looks questionable. It will be very difficult to identify the journalist by e-mail. So anyone can send requests this way and subscribe "The New York Times", for example.

There is no way one can be identified by the e-mail. Another thing, if the request comes from the editorial, it will be on a special form, and if a journalist came himself, he would have to show the identification card.

Besides everything else, one will achieve little today by prohibitions and penalties. Today, even about one third of all parliamentary inquiries are ignored. We don’t have to tighten the same responsibility and deputy inquiry? It’s important just to bring to an end the matter, if not answered, and then try to reach further. Journalists need to act the same way. Fines do not solve the problem here - it's a matter of general culture, and it is formed over many, many years, you cannot just take it and rise.

Journalists themselves should be more united. Today the most fractured professional community, in my opinion, is journalists. The current Union of Journalists is not improving; it plays more in the political field and is not particularly evident when you need to protect the rights of journalists. If The Union of Journalists gathered statistics on those organizations, state agencies and officials, who do not respond to the requests in the case of repeated violations and began to exert massive pressure, that's when officials may come to their senses. When there is a massive pressure from the professional community and the journalist himself, then fines will not be needed, they now are afraid of publicity and pressure rather, than penalties.

Konstantin Nikitin


Source: The Parliament Magazine