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The resolution of the XXVI International PDA Conference

The participants of the XXVI international PDA conference, representing distribution and publishing companies that operate on the entire territory of the Russian Federation, as well as near and far abroad, have expressed their serious concern over the intensification of the negative processes in the sphere of production, publishing and distribution of printed materials in Russia.

The current practice and some initiatives to reform the industry, that appeared recently, are contradicting, in our view, to the federal policy for the conservation and development of the system of information supply for the population, Russia's information security.

The country is in a critical situation in the retail distribution of printed products, as evidenced by the decrease in sales volumes of periodicals and books, reducing the profitability of their distribution. Local administrations under various pretexts create extremely difficult conditions for the functioning of the kiosk retail, including the increasing rent, replacement of the requirements of design and architecture of the stalls in economically unreasonable deadlines and extremely burdensome additional costs. Moreover, the regional authorities limit the range of goods sold in newsstands, conducive to maintaining economic stability of networks. Officials dictate the conditions and operating parameters of the press kiosks, to the market - which is a violation of the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

There are serious problems in the area of subscription, which is one of the main forms of regular access to the information for most people living in the separated rural areas. High prices (above retail) are a serious obstacle to the development of subscription, low maintenance and untimely delivery of newspapers and magazines via a federal operator.

Taking into account the social importance of printed press and the press distribution system, the participants of the Conference consider it necessary to implement a set of priority measures by the professional community, in close cooperation with government authorities at various levels:

1. Market-wide measures:

- To ensure a closer cooperation and mutual support of publishers and distributors in solving urgent problems in the press market.

- Continue the consolidated work on amendments to the Russian legislation to regulate the media industry support.

- To conduct active measures on the creation and launch of the new Russian publishing market products to support them in all distribution structures by providing preferential treatment when entering the trade network.

- To develop actively multimedia formats in media domain and the implementation of media, to develop the concept of 360 degrees in the distribution and publishing businesses. Promote mutual assistance and complementarities of electronic and printed media.

2. In the field of retail distribution:

- To promote the development of retail sales of periodicals throughout Russia as an important element in the strengthening of the country's information space through the implementation of the principle of "Press - everywhere!” It is important to develop the press supplies technologies in the widest number of retail outlets, including specialized - FMCG and other networks.

- To promote actively in the Russian regions practical implementation of the provisions of the order of the Ministry of Communications of 31.07.2013 № 197 "On approval of recommendations to support the development of retail distribution systems of periodicals and other printed materials in the Russian Federation."

- For the boost of the responsibility of the regional authorities to preserve the integrity of a single information space, to propose to the heads of Russian regions modifications to statistical reporting data on the number of stalls and pavilions press bookstores, operating on the territory of the subject.

- Develop proposals to the legislature to provide companies, involved in the retail distribution of periodicals and books, the maximum tax -favored treatment in the calculations for the lease of land, payment of utility bills, etc. payments.

- Recommend press publishers and distributors to actively pursue the elimination of bureaucratic tyranny and dictatorship in the formation of the range of the press, as violating the laws of the Russian Federation in the field.

- To promote the development of retail sales of the press in post offices, as an important form of press distribution system expansion in the country.

3. In the field of distribution of printed products in supermarkets:

- To actively contribute to the promotion of the press in the chain store supermarkets, seek to reduce the load of the bonus on the retail publishers and distributors.

- Actively promote amendments to legislation of the Russian Federation to support the press in supermarkets as socially important goods.

- To promote greater number of self-service stores, printed materials and implement the most favorable terms.

4. In the field of subscription to the printed media:

- Amid rising of subscription rates increases the relevance of the address subscription in the Russian market, which would allow publishers to reach a new level of control of subscription circulation. In this connection it is necessary together with FSUE "Russian Post" to work and solve complex issues for the development of the "address" subscriptions to newspapers and magazines, including by introducing a preferential tariff for forwarding periodicals.

- To develop a mechanism, including seeking of the sources of funding, of the reduced subscriptions to newspapers and magazines for students and pupils of Russia program.

- To develop a new concept of a decade of subscribers in the country as an important tool for the conservation of subscription with the significant increase in prices, together with the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Russian Post".


Participants of XXVI media-conference of PDA