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Common problems of the media industry in Russia - at a PDA conference in Thailand

A plenary session of XXVI PDA media-conference was held on April 6, 2014 in Pattaya (Thailand), devoted to general problems of the media industry in Russia.

Opening the plenary session, Chairman of PDA A.V.Oskin noted that the conference is held in a challenging time. In fact, unannounced „combat” operations against the print media industry are unfolded. Offensive is conducted in different directions: to continued policy of reducing retail kiosks and very painful in its devastating effects of subscription solutions to abolish subsidies for subscriptions delivery to population is added. Unfortunately, as a result of such a policy serious problems for journalists, printers, sellers of newspapers and magazines are amplified, the informational isolation is created, due to which people lose access to the printed word.


A presentation "New ideas, new technologies and new media for the printed media market in Russia in 2014" was made by the President of PDA D.V.Martynov. He described the situation in the Russian media market. Presented a comparative analysis of quantitative and qualitative changes in press outlets in Russia and abroad. Cited data on provision and consumption rates of newspaper and magazine products, shopping facilities for the sale of the press in our country and in Europe. President of PDA paid a particular attention to the modernization PDA stalls, content optimization with regard to the prevailing market conditions of consumption. Outlined a number of principles on which to build further work on the development and reform of the media market.

Presentations by other experts of media market in Russia took place.

On a conclusion of the first day of the conference an open discussion of experts was held on the topic: "Why a few new publishing projects have recently appeared in Russia?” Chairman of PDA A.V.Oskin was the moderator of the discussion. Leading opponent from the publishers, managing director of "Logos Distribution" sub-holding A.Y.Listevnik and leading opponent from the distributors, General Director of "Sales” A.N.Bogdanov shared their views on the proposals to discuss issues,  affecting the situation on the magazines market in Russia and foreign countries.


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