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The launch of subscription campaign in Crimean post offices

The Russian Post offers subscription for 4,000 periodicals in Crimean post offices, according to the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation. In order to ensure the start of the subscription campaign simultaneously with other regions, 1,000 of subscription catalogues were delivered and distributed among 500 post offices.

The residents of Crimea could subscribe to Russian press before; however, the choice was limited to a few hundred of popular titles. The Russian Post plans to expand the printed media selection in order to make available to the residents of the republic all 15,000 titles offered in the catalogues in all regions of Russia.


“It is important to smooth the transition for the post’s customers. The services must be provided timely and in full. We are ready to provide all necessary support, financial and technical,” said the Minister of Communications and Mass Media Nikolai Nikiforov during the visit to Crimea on March 20, 2014.

The Russian Post has already ensured normal circulation of mail and parcels as well as pension and welfare payment in the Crimean Peninsula. Two new federal cities have new zip codes: Simferopol’s has changed from 95000 to 295000, and Sevastopol’s from 99000 to 299000.