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Luxury in the mailbox

 Alexander Oskin , President of the Association of Press Distributors (PDA)

- Few people in the regions, and there subscription is much more popular than in the big cities, will be able to find extra 600-700 rubles for a newspaper. From the removal of subsidies suffer not only readers, but also printers, distributors, subscription agencies and publishing structures. We estimate that about 1 million people working in this branch of economics will be thrown out into the street. Russian Post is trying to soften the blow by offering certain benefits to those subscribers who will come for their correspondence to the post offices. But these measures are modest and unsatisfactory. This method is inconvenient for older subscribers and readers of the "paper version", now most of them.

I see the situation as an information disaster. Especially in the context of politically difficult situation in the Crimea in the light of developments in Ukraine – the coverage of relevant topics, opinions, need of fresh information, comprehensive review of developments are very important. Therefore, I believe, that this decision of the government is shortsighted and dangerous for the country.

Pyotr Krasnov, Chuvashia State Council, Chairman of the Committee on Social Policy and national issues:

- In my memory, FSUE "Russian Post" is trying to patch a hole in its budget at the expense of subscribers of newspapers for last 20 years. And things are there. Well, raised the price twice, and further that, after some time again will twist partner’s arms? Russian Post must seek allocation of subsidies from the state budget, or provide domestic reforms incorporated. And maybe, change management, if it does not perform its duties? After all, Russian Post is one of the few agencies that charge cash for their services and it is a huge amount. Where do they go, again it is not clear? Postal workers receive a small salary, buildings are deteriorated.

Printed media also do not benefit much and higher tariffs for subscription they obviously would not be good for them. In such situation, but with increasing competition from online publications, newspaper people can be down and out.

Larisa Petrova, Head of Yadrino postal telegraph office, Yadrinsky District:

- Raising prices is logical, given the abolition of subsidies. But the cost, in particular the "Soviet Chuvashia”, is so high that I doubt if anyone will draw on its subscription. Even organizations and institutions located in rural areas - schools, libraries, cannot "carry on" the subscription. What can we say about the population ... If anyone will subscribe newspapers, then something small that is published not more than once a week. After all, to be honest, even with the present value, people subscribe to newspapers with a sigh: expensive. One consolation: I learned about the increase not too late. I have a week to get around and call all the loyal subscribers so that they have time to sign up at the old price. We don’t want to offend them.

Irina Aristova, deputy chief editor of "Marijskaja pravda”:

- This news is, frankly, not very surprising. One gets the feeling that someone embarked on a deliberate destruction of the printing press. There are problems with the newspaper trade, now subscription rates soared. All the signs are that the newspaper would be a luxury for people. Yes, someone claims that subscribers have fewer printed media, that the new generation does not read newspapers, as Mikhail Zadornov said: the generation of “clickers” is rising. But people are growing up and after 30, after 40 years becoming interested in the newspaper periodicals. Not all of course - those who have the need for thoughtful press, rather than a quick introduction to the online news streams. I'm not even talking about the older generation – for many of them newspaper is as bread, without it they do not imagine their life.

And for journalists of printed media this is, of course, a strong blow. Despite the fact of competition between the newspapers, I believe that life will force us to unite to defend our rights.

Valery Komissarov, director of the Chuvash book publishers, chairman of the Union of Journalists of Chuvashia:

- Increasing prices primarily will affect ordinary readers, who already are not really solvent. Shipping was already not cheap. And then there was a growth not at 10-20 percent, but almost twice! Imminent loss of readers, especially in rural areas. My father, a rural school teacher, at one time received a lot of newspapers and magazines. And now it is good if in the village or in the district at least one newspaper is subscribed for a family. And the subscription price increases constantly, but nothing is done to improve the delivery. In the districts, especially in remote rural areas, newspapers are delivered only once a week. But our Republic is a compact one, problems with the delivery should not be. But mail is chasing for profit. I am sure that the postal service in this case does not even think that they will lose newspapers, one after another. Because they do not care anymore to sell newspapers or cereals.

The city also loose subscribers. In my opinion, the only way is an alternative subscription that you, like other newspapers, already have. I see that many do get the latest press in that way. It makes sense to develop it further. Rather, it will be necessary.

Klavdia Chirkova, pensioner, Cheboksary:

- Such a sharp increase in prices affects everyone who still reads newspapers. Even if you like to pick up the latest issue, you’ll have to think, whether to subscribe for such a money! Better to buy a newspaper from time to time in the booth. Nevertheless, «СЧ» has its faithful readers. For example, my good friend Alexander Zakharov is subscribing the newspaper for many years and will not abandon it under any circumstances, I'm just confident. Newspaper for him is not only a way to get the news, but also an occasion to reflect on what is happening in the society today. Without the «СЧ» he is helpless. It would be nice if such loyal readers, and especially seniors, who do not use the Internet to get acquainted with the news, were introduced at least some discount on a subscription.