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New ideas, new technologies and new media on PDA’s conference in Thailand

Executive Directorate of the Association has developed the subjects for PDA’s XXVI media conference  "New ideas , new technologies and new media for the printed media market in Russia 2014", which will be held from April 5th to April 13th of 2014 in Pattaya (Thailand).

The main attention will be focused on the analysis of the current situation in the media market. Participants of the Media Forum will be invited to discuss a range of issues related to the appearance and consolidation of new media, the implementation of new publishing projects, the introduction of new technologies and new marketing tools in different media structures. During the plenary sessions, sections, round tables innovative solutions of publishers and distributors, subscription agencies and other market participants will be presented.

The trends prevailing in various sectors of distribution of periodicals - retail, self-service stores, by subscription, are planned to be considered.

Taking into account the processes occurring virtually everywhere, presentations on the operation of retail kiosks will present an undoubted interest. In particular, it is important to articulate a coherent position of the media community about the current rules for allocation of land plots for kiosks, authorities interference in the product strategy of distributors, their unwillingness to consider the press as socially important goods, its distribution - as socially meaningful service, and system of distribution of periodicals and books - as a necessary tool of informing and educating the youth.

In order to maintain and further development of subscription a debate will be organized around the ongoing preparation of the bill "On Postal Communication" on principles of cooperation with "Russian Mail" in connection with its reorganization, the role and place of subscription agencies, including alternatives on experiences in various parts of the subscription process to attract subscribers.

The conference program is planned to include a variety of topics related to the assessment of the situation and prospects for its development in the publishing market. This perspective is invited to discuss, taking into account developments such as the Internet, the rapid market penetration of new media, the active use of social networks, etc. The conference will initiate the search for solutions of problems of compatibility and complementarities of traditional and electronic content, multichannel promotion prospects of publishing content, methods of attracting the youth audience, etc.

Reports and presentations of regional media forum participants complement the overall picture of the state and ways of development of the Russian market of printed media.

Economy sectors, including assessment of the situation, the problem of violation of economic stability of industry enterprises, finding ways to improve the profitability, reduce costs and optimize costs in the publishing business and distribution, as at previous conferences will not remain below the agenda in Thailand.