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Open letter to President Vladimir Putin on the threat of destruction for the media subscription

Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich !

We appeal for Your help. The Russian media market is threatened with the destruction of subscription to the printed media due to the significant growth of the postal rates for delivery of subscriptions to the population (in 2013, Russians received more than 1 billion copies of newspapers and magazines by mail subscription).

Repeated appeals of publishers, distributors of press and public media organizations to the Russian Government gave no avail. These circumstances coerce to appeal to you as the guarantor of the Constitution and the constitutional right to free access to information.

On July 1, 2014 the state subsidies of FSUE "Russian Post" to cover losses, associated with the delivery of newspapers and magazines to citizens, will be terminated. The postal operator in this regard is preparing to increase haul rates by 2-3 times to achieve breakeven of its services to the newspapers subscribers. In this case, the subscription prices will increase by 1.5-2 times. Most subscribers will not be able to subscribe the press at the new prices. State's failure to support the press contradicts the experience of many other countries, where subscription to newspapers and magazines allocates significant government subsidies.

Resulting from the deprivation of "Russian Mail" subsidies and thus increasing the final subscription price will be to reduce the printing press runs to a level that does not ensure the profitability of the publishing business. Russia offers massive closure of newspapers and magazines, the ruin of printing companies. In conditions of economic stagnation around a million of our citizens: journalists, printing industry, logistics companies involved with the delivery of the press, members of their families are going to be thrown in the lurch. Rates cannot be increased to the level of killing the press.

However, neither the leadership of FSUE "Russian Post", nor the Ministry of Communications, nor the Government of the Russian Federation has not yet been resolved to declare an increase of postal rates for delivery of subscription. Nobody wants to take responsibility for a decision that removes the printing press. As a result - the subscription campaign in the second half of 2014 is now in jeopardy. So that it could start in the allotted time (April 1), "Russian Post" had to declare rates until January 20 this year.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, we appeal to You to prevent the destruction of a subscription to the printed media in our country! It is necessary to save subsidies for FSUE "Russian Post" for subscriptions delivery   with their annual indexation. This will keep the postal rates for delivery of subscriptions for the second half 2014 unchanged.