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The destruction of the press kiosks is undertaken in Kiev. This is from the Maidan or from evil?

They fought in Kiev with all that seemed harmful to those from Maidan. However, are fighting still now. When they did not like Azarov and Yanukovych - it was understandable. When they less liked Tymoshenko , was also obvious to their logics. But why a struggle against the press kiosks was launched in Kiev - honestly, I can’t understand. Especially, that press kiosks in Europe nobody destroys. But let’s look at the facts.


According to the Ukrainian press more than the half of the press kiosks belonging "Souzpechat Agency” in Kiev can disappear. Anna Kulakovskaya, the director of the Agency informed the head of Kiev city administration about it in an open letter. It is said in the letter that the disposal of layout of temporary retail facilities, approved by the authorities of the city, that A.Kulakovskaya calls "corrupt and illegal", will bring to the closure of the stalls". The practical application of these instructions will result in the closure of 174 kiosks of "Souzpechat Agency", will restrict free access to information for kievians, reduce payments to the budget and, as a consequence, the company will be forced to lay off more than 400 workers, because only 146 stalls of 320 stalls are logged to the complex scheme", - is said in the letter. As a result, press distributors threaten the City Hall with courts and protests.

We can make two conclusions. First, press kiosks are destroyed as carriers of the printed word of Yanukovych. Say, you were promoting his word - so burn in blue flame! Option number two: maydan people took the example of some Russian provinces, where exactly in the same way with fire and sword the fight with press stalls is going on. And it should be noted, a successful war. And at the same time - with bookstores (important note: there are fewer bookstores today in Russia than with the tsar).

But if you pull away from the real political battles, we must recognize that maydan people, as well as the Russian officials are struggling with press kiosks as holders of unnecessary information or a different perspective for them. Moaning in Ukraine, as well as in Russia, around the value of the printed word for culture, spirituality, morality, finally, just for the education of the younger generation are not heard by all these "caliphs for a day" and cannot be arguments.

And hear a fresh material appeared in the information field. A group of Ukrainian media executives sent a letter to Russian colleagues with a reproach in their partiality and bias in the coverage of events in Ukraine. You would think that "peace and quiet but the grace of God” is dominating in the Ukrainian media against the "damned moskals". In information battles, it is usually difficult to find flawless performers; both sides are usually guilty of excesses. Saying it mildly. But in general you can always see who calls the shots. But in the case of newsstands and bookstores I have a problem with finding the authors of that fighting march.

If the kiosks are eliminated - so for some it is profitable, especially for large retailers. A recipe to save the kiosks in Kiev is very simple: the bureaucratic power have to abandon handouts to retail. How naïve are these guys and girls! And if they are willing to give up bacon?