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Media community – for the return of subsidies to subscription for newspapers and magazines

An emergency meeting of the Alliance in support of subscription to newspapers and magazines was held on February 26, 2014. A question was raised for discussion about the consequences of the abolition of government subsidies to "Russian Mail" for subsciption and is expected to increase postal rates to receive subscriptions from the population and delivery of publications to subscribers. According to experts of the media market, the abolition of state subsidies is capable of destroying the subscription in Russia within one or two years. Destruction of the subscription will be the beginning of the total destruction of the printed media market.


The meeting was attended by over 70 people - representatives of central and regional publishing houses, subscription agencies, non-governmental organizations of the media market. As representatives of the authorities the meeting was attended by head of the department of printed press and polygraphy of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications E. V. Chasovskaya and Deputy Head of the periodical press, publishing and printing of the Federal Agency Press and Mass Communications G. N. Kudyj. All participants unanimously expressed the need for urgent and decisive action in defense of subscription. The first joint action shall be an open letter to representatives of the media community to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, published in the authoritative media. A series of articles about the situation in the media market are also planned to be published. Output of editions with blank pages and other forms of protest against the destruction of the print media market are not excluded.

The meeting moderator was Chairman of the Board of Press Distributor’s Association A. V. Oskin. He suggested the media market experts assessing the consequences of the removal of subsidies for the subscription with growth of postal rates as catastrophic. Most subscribers will not be able to subscribe to newspapers and magazines at the new prices.

Executive director of the Alliance of Independent Regional Publishers T. V. Popova told, that already collected signatures of members of the Alliance under its own letter of protest against the abolition of state subsidies for the subscription.

Summarizing the meeting, A. V. Oskin stressed that all market participants need to join the print media, forgetting past contradictions and private ambitions. Only a single joint action is able to save the subscription from destruction.

The meeting took a unanimous decision to sign an open letter to the President of the Russian Federation V. V. Putin about the need to reclaim subsidies for subscription in the interests of the broad masses.


PDA’s Press service