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Readers without subsidies, publishers without tariffs: subscription in Russia on the brink of collapse

Subscription to newspapers and magazines in the country could collapse overnight. And it's not a horror, but a result of ill-conceived public policy in reforming of postal services.

As you know, a new "Postal Law" is currently under discussion in the government. Last Thursday, the State Duma passed the expanded session of the Committee on Information Policy, Information Technology and Communications, which, on the eve of the first reading, discussed a draft federal law "On Postal Communications".

MPs, experts, developers alternately provided comments on the draft. Were affected and delivery of pensions and sending secret messages, and social protection of postal workers and the upcoming corporatization and Postal Bank... They talked about everything, except - right! – the prospects of subscriptions to newspapers and magazines. And although one of the deputies in his speech clearly identified the main social function of the main postal operator of the country - the delivery of pensions and periodical subscription - this theme, only slipped and was left without proper attention. Words were not given to the present branch managers (like the President of the Guild of Press Publishers Sergei Moiseyev, Chairman of the Association of Press Distributors Alexander Oskin and Chairman of the Coordination Council of the Alliance in support of the Institute of subscription to newspapers and magazines Vyacheslav Kerov, other recognized experts) ...

And in the evening of the same day the Coordinating Council of the said Alliance met on hoping to hear about the positive changes in the solutions of the "subscription issue". However, after the meeting in the State Duma there was nothing to make them happy.

Even last year, the government has begun to work on a new law "On Postal Service" - the previous one, created 15 years ago, lost its former importance. The main postal operator - "Russian Mail" - long and unsuccessfully tried to get to a market economy, although still is a state and not a commercial venture. That is why a new law was supposed to provide for his ability to create a cost-effective platform for break-even operation.

Against this background, extremely important is the question of subsidizing the target delivery subscriptions to population, because this service is unprofitable for mail. According to the publishing community elimination of these subsidies will cause a sharp increase in subscription prices for newspapers and magazines, which in turn will bring down the country's Institute of subscription.

However, before taking a decision to terminate the subsidy subscription delivery, officials, apparently with the postal issue did not really understood. And now the subscription market, despite the fact that in recent years it has remained relatively stable, to the delight of publishers and distributors, providing readers of newspapers and magazines across the country, is waiting for the collapse.

General reader does not know that the leadership of the country this year mindlessly deprives him or subscription to newspapers for an adequate price.

But publishers know. And are preparing for the worst.