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"VKontakte" opened an access to retargeting

All advertisers using "VKontakte" now can take advantage of the settings for retargeting for attracting new customers. This was reported in the social network’s advertising service’s official community.

The site owners, using a special code, will be able to classify visitors to perfect their actions: for example, one group will be those who have registered on the site, and the other - who makes any purchase. In the future, these groups can be used as one of the filters when configuring ad: it will allow the company to appeal to those users who have interacted with it. Not more than 100 such groups are provided for one advertising study.


Besides that, if an advertiser already has its own database of its customer’s contacts, it can import it in the publicity office. This will allow involving those users who have appeared on the site before, as a special code was established.

The results of closed testing of retargeting functions showed that with its help the ad’s conversion may rise about 2.5 times.