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Press Distributors Are Asking The City Government For Help

Organization, uniting the press distributors, urges the Mayor to intervene in the relations of the Moscow Metro and the owners of the objects of press trade.

Press Distributors Association (PDA) sent a letter to the Mayor, asking authorities to intervene in the relations of the Moscow Metro and the owners of the objects of press trade and provide preferential treatment for space rent.

"An information from the press distribution market operators in the metropolitan subway was received in PDA, that the leadership of the Moscow metro notified them about the fee increase by 2-4 times for the right to conduct business in the underground in 2014", - said in the letter.
Distributors indicate that the sale of the press has a low profitability. The requirement of the Moscow Metro will not allow saving shopping facilities and is aimed "at the destruction of the distribution system of the newspaper and magazines in the Metro", say the authors of the letter.
Distributors also wrote an appeal to the Chief of the Moscow Metro Ivan Besedin. The Head of the Enterprise was asked to "correct the pricing issue to engage in commercial activities in the underground press and shopping facilities to provide preferential treatment for retail space for objects with "Press" specialization by applying reduction factor to the rental rate in the Metro.
Back in December 2013 SUE "Moscow Metro" notified the tenants of a sharp rise in rents and offered to sign a supplementary agreement for the next year. So , Ltd. "Yu- Agro", which leases space from Metro , and then offers to sublet the space in transitions of metro stations " Voykovskaya ", "Mendeleevskaya " and others, offered to pay 212 % more than in 2013.