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The press stays with the Muscovites . The city authorities have met the needs of the distributors of printed materials

In 2014, the majority of the capital stalls, selling newspapers and magazines, terminate contracts for which they are installed, and therefore many were very concerned with the question: will these outlets disappear from the streets and will the  Muscovites lose any opportunity to buy daily newspapers. Now it is quite safe to say that this will not happen.

The year 2014 is largely symbolic for the metropolitan trade. The three year period of reforming of the small retail - ends. There are stalls of new type on the streets, their placement is regulated not only by competitions, but also by auctions. While city officials have repeatedly stressed that they have an anxious feeling to stalls with printed materials, they confident, that this is not soda and ice cream, and that many publishers simply do not pull replacement kiosks. Thus, officials were ready to offer custom format of this replacement to the distributors. Several variants were presented to Sergei Sobyanin. And the result was not long in coming.

On January 16 at the deputy Moscow mayor Alexander Gorbenko held a meeting with the leaders of the Moscow Department of the consumer market, the Department of Media and Advertising, on the one hand and representatives of leading press distribution market - on the other. It was passed, as they say, on a high positive note. By the decision of the mayor of Moscow, the extension of time for the press booths was possible. The preferential terms for the media market will be retained in organizing outlets on a competitive basis, subject to the replacement of the old stalls by new samples.