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Rising prices on the press in 2013 did not exceed the rate of inflation in the country

 According to Rosstat , inflation in Russia in the past year did not go beyond projections and amounted to 6.5 %. In the 2011 and 2012, the average increase in consumer prices was also approximately at this level, but prices on the press where growing almost 2 times faster ( 11% in 2011 and 12% - in 2012 ).

 In 2013, the situation has changed.

A new market monitoring of retail prices for printed products have shown that the cost of periodicals over the last year has increased by an average of 6%. In general, slowed down prices for newspapers and magazines in 2013 was predictable: the branch has exhausted the reserves, due to which its sales revenues did not fell. Further price increases would only lead to a loss of readers who are ready to buy a fresh newspaper or magazine.

However, it should be noted that from January 2011 to January 2014 prices on the press rose much stronger, than the average for all consumer goods in RF: 32 % vs. 19.9% .

Note, that the first half of 2013 did not bring any significant changes in prices for periodicals: almost all the 6 percent growth occurred in September-December. During the 4 quarter only,  many publishers, reviewing the selling prices of their publications, increased an average by 10-15%. Some publications had revenue growth up to 100%: these are mostly second issues of journal collections (patchworks).

Leaders in higher retail prices for October-December were such publications as "My lovely cottage", "Names», «Computer Bild», “World News”. At some point their sales grew by 25-30%. In general, the change in retail prices for various thematic groups of periodicals in 2013 was characterized by the following parameters:

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