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New books will arrive in the libraries of Moscow 30 days after release

Moscow City Library Center is developing a system that will deliver new books in the library of the capital no later than one month after publication.

The work of centralized system of purchasing the book fund for Moscow libraries will be set up by the city authorities in 2014 and allows the delivery of new items in the stacks as quickly as possible.

" Since January, the completing of city libraries will begin. Now we are developing a system that will ensure that between the release of the book and the moment when it reach the library shelf, took place less than a month. Now the fund is updated either by shopping in stores, which is very expensive, or on long-term competitive procedures. We plan to revise the structure of procurement and buy books directly from publishers", - said deputy director of the Moscow City Library Center (MGBTS) Boris Kupriyanov in edition

The passage to work with publishers without middlemen can reduce the price of books up to 50% and halve the time of their delivery.

The new system will affect only the acquisition of new products, product updates planned for library funds will, as before, be procured through tendering.

Now fresh literature enters the metropolitan library about once a quarter, according to the head of CBS number 2 "Izmailovo" Anna Dolgov. The expert notes that the district libraries do not need too many copies of the same book, just two.

"Purchase directly from publishers – is a good practice. Bookstores are very expensive. The average price of books in the series "Life of Remarkable People" of "Molodaya Gvardia" publishing house ranges from 330 to 400 rubles. If you buy the books from the publishing house, according to the forecasts of the city authorities, libraries will be able to get as low as 160 to 240 rubles", - said Dolgov.

As reported, MGBTS actively updates Moscow libraries, turning them into modern and hospitable space. To increase access to the stacks for readers it is planned to introduce a single library card, the development of which must now be carried out by the contractor, found by a competition by the Ministry of Culture which ended on November 20 this year.

Leader of MGBTS Maxim Fetisov is developing a concept that will attract investors to the reorganization of libraries, as well as attractive for developers to make the idea of embedding libraries in new residential developments of the capital.