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PDA delegation visited Germany on a business trip

In the period from 27 to 30 November this year a press distributors internship was organized by PDA together with the German manufacturer of specialized equipment for logistics and TWI's leading wholesaler in Germany - Trunk Group, it was held  in Munich (Germany). The event was attended by 27 heads of distribution companies from Astrakhan , Voronezh, Kaliningrad , Moscow, Novosibirsk, as well as Belarus and Germany.

The first day of training , participants visited the sorting complex of Trunk Group, which serves the regions of South and Upper Bavaria. Daily Enterprise delivers periodicals to 3400 shopping facilities. Here members of the PDA delegation learned logistics schemes of night delivry, saw the whole cycle of TWI sorting line of printed materials, and also visited the periodicals unloading points.

Executive Director of TWI Nils Buck during the night process of sorting and shipping made a meaningful presentation of TWI automatic line, outlined the principles of operation of the complex. 48 modules of TWI WINPICK installed here, which enable semiautomatic process of  sorting of incoming circulation newspapers and magazines. Niels Beech in practice demonstrated the values of sorting line, the efficiency of its work carried out almost without mistakes. Members of the delegation get acquainted with new technological solutions introduced in 2012. After inspection of the logistics centre an active discussion began on the principles of operation of the equipment, its maintenance and the introduction, in which Nils Buck gave a detailed explanation on the operation of the complex  together with representatives of Trunk Group.  

Members of the PDA delegation studied the work of Trunk Group, in particular, features of daily sorting and shipping of printed products. Sorting is done on three lines of TWI TOP, which operate within the Trunk Group complex since 1993. Participants of the internship were shown the entire loop runs with the comments of representatives of the manufacturer of the equipment.

The third day of training was devoted to theoretical aspects of print distribution in Germany. A presentation on the activities of the enterprise made Werner Zirlik, Managing Director of Trunk Group. With interest was met a report by Philipp J. Jacke. Comparison of media markets in Germany and Russia was presented by Arnd-Volker Listewnik, General Manager of "PMBL". After the speech, members of PBA delegation exchanged views on the wide range of issues.

Participants of PDA internship in Germany were presented a cultural program in which colleagues were able to join the Bavarian traditions and art, taste the delights of the famous German beer Hofbräuhaus, as well as visit the Christmas Bazaar in Munich.