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Kiosks can watch Moscovites and provide banking services

On the roofs and the frame of the new kiosks with the periodical press cameras and ATMs will be allowed to be installed.

On the new kiosks air conditioning, intercom, ATM’s, surveillance cameras and monitor traffic flows sensors will be able to be installed. In mid-December, the specific addresses will known, to which they’ll be accommodated: as reported to "Izvestia" Head of the Department of media and advertising Vladimir Chernikov, by this date the new scheme of such structures will be ready to be installed, which will be harmonized at the level of other departments. Meanwhile, both the advertising market and distributors of printed materials were sceptical of the radical change of the stalls on the design of the new sample .

According to Chernikov, the possibility of installing air conditioners, ATMs and refrigeration the distributors of printed products asked themselves. Terms of Reference for the press kiosk was adjusted accordingly. Now the department offers sketches to modify the appearance and "stuffing" stalls new sample.