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With the implementation of the Moscow government plans of reformatting the stalls, that will make their owners tenants

Moscow government plans to replace the press kiosks are a threat to the capital distributors of printed media. This was written in a statement of  Alexei Fedotov, CEO "The Metropolitan press" which is one of the largest players in this market to the Moscow City Duma. According to the forecasts of the Association of Press Distributors (PDA), sales of the press in Moscow will decrease by 30-40 %.

According to the idea of the department, there will be stalls of a new format in the capital – their sides will be given to the ad space. The location of these new kiosks is chosen taking into account the demand for advertising. Will hold a competition among the advertising firms for the right to put such facilities for 10 years. The owners will lease them to press distributors. According to estimates of the city authorities, up to 2 thousand press stalls of the 2.8 thousands available have to change their format.