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The press prices were risen in the third quarter of 2013 up to 3%

For the third quarter of 2013 prices for printed products again rose more than for other goods. According to Rosstat, consumer prices for goods and services compared to the previous quarter increased by 1.1% since the beginning of this year, their growth was 4.63 %. The growth of the retail prices for the press has exceeded this value almost 3 times and was 3% from July to September, and since the beginning of the year - 5%.


The average retail prices of about 20 % of publications have not been adjusted upward. And among them were glossy magazines (e.g. , Allure, Elle mini, Marie Claire, Forbes, PROsport ", “Afisha.Mir", "Fishing in Russia", etc. ) and business publications ("Vedomosti", "Itogi", "Kommersant.Dengi","Russian newspaper",  “Nezavisimaya Gazeta" etc.). Note that only about 15% of the analyzed periodicals rose at the market level , i. e. by 3%. The basis were automotive ("Avtomir.Testdrayv", "Klakson", "Moto") and highly specialized (niche) publications, like the thematic groups as cooking, interior design, music, etc.

If we talk about those magazines and newspapers, the cost of which has grown most strongly (10 to 30%), it should be said that such a category as women's magazines is represented completely in this list. Famous brands, as Cosmopolitan, Grazia, «Dasha", "Liza. Dobrye Sovety" and "Good Housekeeping" are no exception. The significant increase - more than 25% showed a group of comics books ("Monk", "Besboy ", "Major Thunder"), relatively young project for the Russian market .

As for the comparison of current prices on the press with those in the third quarter of previous 2012, the leaders of this indicator include the following publications: TotalFootbal in the segment of sports magazines with 54% growth in value, SpeedInfo - among entertainment periodicals (+44 %), " Transformers "- in the children's segment (+37 %) and "Kommercheskoje Avto"- in the auto-moto (34%).

It is important to note that the trends in the first half of 2013 did not changed - distributors often changed the price tags, when the publishing price was growing.

When comparing the intensity of price growth in various segments of the market of periodicals distribution, it was found that during the 3rd quarter of this year prices for newspapers and magazines were growing up, first of all, on trays, the "manual traders" and press mini-markets, where they grew by about 5 %. Supermarkets, for which the press is not the most basic, but an important part of the range, raised the prices moderate - 2%. The smallest changes were fixed in kiosk networks - their visitors could purchase their favourite publications in recent summer - early autumn, at about the same price as in April and May. That is, periodicals were risen in kiosks on average by 1 %.

As a result of the price monitoring of retail distribution of printed materials was also found that:

- On market average, the TV guides became more expensive. But if "Telenedelya" increased in price by only 3 %, and "MK Boulevard" by 5 %, the cost of "Antenna A4- Telesem" and "TV Programs" increased by 10%. But those publications that had increased their prices in the 1st or 2nd quarter, this time did not change them ("Seven Days", "TV-Park").

- Reducing the demand for magazines of such thematic groups as "architecture" and "interior" has led to the logical reduction of these publications in some retail outlets. In response, publishers and distributors have tried to increase their attractiveness by reducing prices, which fell by an average of 5%. And some of these categories of magazines were sold cheaper by 15-20 %.

- Publications about the life of "stars" were available in the kiosk networks this quarter by 3-5% cheaper than in the past. This trend stood out 2 of the magazines: "Secrets of the Stars" and "Only the stars", which rose in price in all formats of press trade.

 - Again, the price began to rise on partworks. Despite the release of many new collections, such as "Knives", "Swiss Watches", the average old partworks ("Coins and Banknotes", "Dolls in Traditional Dresses", etc.) rose by 8-9 %.

As for predictions of price changes for the press in the 4th quarter of 2013, it should be noted that the market expects a moderate rise in prices not exceeding the size of inflationary expectations. Probably, it will reach the level of overall inflation in the country (the predicted value - 7.6 %).