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The income of newspapers and magazines dropped again

In the first nine months of this year, advertisers spent on placement in local media 229 billion rubles, which is higher for 11.4 % than a year earlier, estimates the Russian Association of Communication Agencies (RACA). It turns out, that the market slowed down again -  growth in the I quarter was plus 14 %, in the first half of the year - plus 12 %.

Anna Lepetukhina, an analyst from "Sberbank CIB» explain the further inhibition of the advertising market in the III quarter, in particular, by the high base last year - in the summer of 2012 television channels received additional income from the European Football Championships and the Olympics.

The income growth of all media is reduced - from television to outdoor advertising, comes from the ACAR data. Print media suffers most: if the income of newspapers and magazines were down for 2 % in the I quarter, over the six months - 6%, for the nine months - by 7% to 26,5-26,7 billion rubles. One of the reasons for the decline of press income was the complete ban on alcohol advertising .

Especially the Internet "eat off" the press. Although the growth income rate of headings in this year is unusually low for this media, especially media (banner) advertising, "virtual" share in the advertising "pie" increases. On the promotion in the net advertisers spent 48.8 billion rubles in the first nine months, it's about 21 % of their budgets (in the I quarter - 19%, for the six months - 20 %).


Earlier this year, the agency Carat (part of the Aegis Media Group) predicted, that in three or four years more than a third of advertising budgets will be spent in runet.

The growth of the Russian advertising market began to slow last year: while the lowest rate was recorded (13 %) after the crisis of 2009. Companies used a low-key approach to media planning because of the difficult economic situation in Russia and in the world, due to the expectations of a new financial crisis, explained the sellers and representatives of advertising agencies. By the end of the year the  slowed down consumer demand negatively impacted on marketing budgets. Experts told at the beginning of the year that new incentives for the growth of spending on promotion this year did not appear, so the advertisers have continued to behave more conservatively than usual. But the behaviour of individual companies varies greatly, experts say : there are advertisers that substantially increased marketing budgets, and vice versa.