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Trees will be planted at the site of illegal stalls in Chelyabinsk

The authorities of Chelyabinsk  intend to discuss the issue of demolishing the illegal stalls with the businessmen. In the next two weeks meetings with the representatives of small and medium-sized businesses will be held. At the same time the demolition of illegal temporary facilities will be continued.

Trading on the Khudiakov street is going on while there is no police around. Detecting the press, some also are scaling down their businesses. After checking some illegals leave, but there are others in their place. The locals are not happy with the spontaneous trade .

- Next to the road, so many emissions.

- Dirty and accumulation of all kind of unpleasant people.

- I do not buy here much. I do not like it.

Kiosks moved here a few years ago , after the administration of Chelyabinsk has closed the so-called Dovatorsky market. Vendors say that now they do pay rent and even taxes, but no one of them did show the trade permission.

- We are not the owners, but sellers, how do I know where is the permission. I guess, perhaps they have the documents somewhere.

- I'm not going to talk to you about anything and I will not show anything either.

- I am a man of very little. Very, very much. Therefore, I will not give any comments.

- No comment.

Fighting with an unauthorized sites goes on throughout the city. For example, a few stalls were removed directly from the Alleya Slavy lane in Metallurgicheski district. And on Sverdlovsk avenue the whole range of stalls was eliminated. Today, on the meeting in the administration the decision was made to meet with the entrepreneurs in two weeks and to discuss the commercial problems. If the owners of the points never made out the documents to them and do not intend to do so, the objects are being demolished and replaced by planted trees . "This is not an opposition to the business, but putting things in order," - emphasizes Sergei Davydov, head of the administration of Chelyabinsk.

However, authorities say they will help arrange the necessary documentation to bring the business activities to the legitimate shape.