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PDA’s XXV jubilee Media-conference opened in Turkey

On September 23, 2013 PDA’s XXV jubilee mediakonference  "The market of printed and electronic media in Russia in 2014: Issues and Trends " was opened in Side (Turkey).  It is attended by over 70 representatives of federal agencies and the media industry companies, including the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications, Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Russian Post", the leading publishing houses and distribution companies from Barnaul, Vladimir, Voronezh, Yekaterinburg, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Novoural'sk, St. Petersburg, Tver , Cheboksary, Yaroslavl, as well as from Belarus , Kazakhstan, Latvia, Ukraine and Germany.

Opening the first plenary session, chairman of the PDA A. V. Oskin said that the conference is taking place in ongoing multidirectional changes in the media market. Hence the challenge for the forum objective , which is to evaluate jointly these changes , find the motion vectors that can point the way to overcome the difficulties and increase the efficiency of publishing and distribution businesses.

PDA’s President D. V.  Martynov made a report , which presented a detailed analysis of the current problems of printed media in Russia and abroad, gave estimates of the changes, highlighted the innovative solutions being introduced  in the media business, made recommendations for the further development of the industry in relation to the existing realities in the country.
Next G.N. Kudyj told about the recommendations of Ukrainian colleagues on how to improve the situation in the printed media, on the pros and cons of the implementation of the "Concept 360" in the publishing sector, about the problems of the subscription, the situation in the advertising market, about the optimizing the costs through the use of modern equipment, boosting labour productivity, etc.
With information about the attitude of authorities to the printed media industry, spoke the Director of 'Information' Ltd., a board member of PDA S. A. Kondrashov. He described the existing bureaucratic obstacles faced when promoting proposals to improve the legislation.
General Director of " Burda Distribution Services ", a board member of PDA R. N. Doroshenko shared the experience of his company in providing services to partners in the publishing business. He identified a number of factors that contribute to success. In order to prevent falling sales R. N.  Doroshenko believes necessary to achieve the consolidation of publishers to optimize business processes and reduce costs .

The presentation of the "Features of automation of logistics in regional distribution" was prepared by the General Manager of CJSC "Today -Press - Voronezh" I. A. Timofeev. He spoke about the positive solution of the task of building a competitive high-tech company, that aims to increase the productivity and volumes of processed circulation, reducing the number of errors and the cost of production, through the use of technology and sorting of other types of goods.
A. V. Oskin said that in November 2013 PDA organizes training in Munich, where will be given the opportunity to look through with the new equipment of the German logistics company and examine the work of one of the distribution companies.
Director of Strategic Marketing Department of "Consult -Center" T. V. Tsybina spoke on "Russian market of electronic media: Status and Trends". She analyzed in detail how digital technologies are changing the media environment cardinally, including the content of its distribution channels, publishing strategy, advertising flow and much more. At the present time the model of the publishing business is changing from the production and sale of printed product only to the production of content and its further spread in all possible ways.

The first day of the conference was completed with the meeting of the section on the press distribution in supermarkets, conducted by General Manager of “Sales” A. N. Bogdanov and General Manager of "Media Distribution" K. P. Nedosekin.