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Hollywood stars read the Chelyabinsk newspaper

The other day there were pictures on the Internet, in the authenticity of which no one still can believe. Hollywood's top stars from Angelina Jolie to Johnny Depp are holding a "Kopeyskij rabochij” newspaper, one of the oldest media of the Chelyabinsk region, and are scrutinizing its pages with interest.

Of course, everyone thought it was a photoshop. However, it turned out that the source of images – is the newspaper. Chief editor of the edition Dmitry Sogrin insists, that there is no photoshop here, the real actors of Hollywood are in these photos with this newspaper in their hands. It turns out that, from 2008, the residents of Kopeysk regularly read interviews with the Hollywood celebrities and admire these photos here and there the debate is going on as well: if it’s a photoshop, is a joke or the truth. Sogrin says: that’s absolute true, because the editorial has its men in Hollywood.
It turns out, that the editors are collaborating with the former Kopeysk resident Margaret Sushkevich, who went to U.S. for more than 10 years ago and married a producer Jack Tewksbury, which is producer of the "Golden Globe” ceremony. Tewkesbury is a film critic and journalist; he is a member of the Foreign Press Association in Hollywood. In general, it is not surprising that he has access to celebrities. Along with him such a right was given also to Margarita. Since 2001, she and Jack started delivering interviews with the stars to the Russian media and since 2008 they have established ties with "Kopeyskij rabochij” and began to publish materials in it under a pseudonym “Ali Sar”.

When Margaret began to transfer the newspaper with her interviews, she and Jack came up with the idea of asking stars to pose with a fresh outlet for plausibility. It all started with Johnny Depp, who liked the idea and he quietly began to study "Kopeyskij rabochij" in front of the camera. After Depp, we know all go to contact. And now among the exclusives are: Angelina Jolie, Leonardo DiCaprio, Steven Spielberg, Justin Timberlake and many others. Harrison Ford, according to the chief editor, was photographed twice - so he likes such a joke.

All this, of course, looks like a some kind of joke - especially when Dmitry Sogrin asserts that initially Margaret and Jack used to pay themselves $ 200 to the paper to publish their interview. This - the most powerful blunder in this history: no sane person would pay extra to a regional newspaper to publish an interview with Johnny Depp. But the pictures look convincing!

"I understand that people have a great distrust for them. We even conducted a special contest for readers of "Kopeyskij rabochij" on April the 1: seven printed news with a proposal to guess which one is true - says Sogrin.  Wrote about the construction of a plant in Kopeysk for the production of pencils, because of large deposits of coal in the city, about lost of marathon runner from Bredow in the vicinity of the urban district, about the zoo on a local lake, the award "Russian Booker" for someone from our staff... And the last one - that Johnny Depp reads "Kopeysky rabochij". Of the 50 participants of the competition only three people said that it was true. We gave them mugs with this photo of Depp".
At the end of the 2012 the edition has released a calendar for the New Year. There are only five such exclusive calendars. The first one was presented to head of Kopeysk, others - were transferred to the Government of the Chelyabinsk region and our partners", said Sogrin.
According to him, the collection was piled up four years and was made public only now. The editor intends to collect a minimum of 30 shots and make a mini - exhibition at the museum of "Kopeyski rabochij” so, that every citizen could be able to come and see it. Also the editorial board announced a competition among students and pupils to translate five interviews with the stars from English language. All students from 15 to 20 years can take part in it, with the help of parents and teachers, which is not forbidden. The best translation will be published in the newspaper and on the website; the winners will receive prizes with Hollywood stars.
Personally, we still cannot help feeling that this is a joke - but see yourself.