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New and updated in the program of media-conference in Turkey

Filling the program of PDA’s  XXV  media-conference "Printed and electronic media market in Russia in 2014: Issues and Trends", which will be held from 22 to 29 September in Turkey, with an explicit content, continues.

In making up the program of the event PDA’s secretariat takes into account proposals from publishers and distributors. Particularly, the conference agenda will include questions on the analysis of new trends on the market for printed and electronic media in Russia and abroad, the experience of the introduction of innovative technologies in the publishing and distribution businesses.

Participants of the conference will have an opportunity to share their observations on how the order of the Ministry of Communications of Russia, aimed at supporting the development of the retail and distribution of periodicals and other printed materials in the Russian Federation is implemented on-site.

It is planned to bring up for discussion a set of issues affecting the status and prospects of development of the publishing industry. In this section, we will focus on prognosis of possible changes in the advertising market, the methods of promotion publishing content on the Internet on tablets and mobile devices, the transition to a qualitatively new management methods in order to maintain sales volumes of printed materials, the problems of monetizing content and ways to improve profitability.

Discussion of issues on periodicals retail distribution is proposed to focus on the consideration of measures to protect kiosk networks, preserving the existing system of sales through the press retail facilities, upgrading stalls to meet the requirements of time. It is also important to highlight the theme: "The press and related products", where to demonstrate specific examples of preservation experience in sales due to the optimization of assortment and price policy.

The conference will continue the dialogue on the prospects of the subscription in the Russian Federation. Participants will be invited to share their opinions on the role and capacity of "Mail of Russia" and the Alliance for the support of the Institute of subscriptions to newspapers and magazines to influence the situation in the subscription area. The topic on  "Addressing system of subscription as the most attractive form for the publisher and the consumer" is expected to arouse the interest. It also will focus on alternative and editorial subscription, on the possibility of on-line subscriptions to newspapers and magazines

Problems of regional media markets will not be left without attention. A story about the positive experience of Moscow to support the publication industry and the press distribution will take place, about the conditions in which the kiosk network are working in the regions, about the measures taken by the PDA Committee for the Protection of regional press kiosks, the practice of relations between the authorities and periodicals market operators in various regions of the country.

All of these mentioned issues will be discussed, taking into account the economic situation of media industry, finding ways to improve the profitability, reduce costs throughout the chain of production and distribution of media.
The Organizing Committee continues to accept additional proposals relating to the program and requests sent to us by mail, for the inclusion of their reports, speeches, presentations in the conference agenda.