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Internet sales squeeze the traditional trade

The annual growth of Internet sales in Russia by 20-30% may take 8% of the turnover of the country by 2015. Traditional trade should be prepared for serious competition.

Almost 4% of the total trade volume in the world now accounts for On-line trading. This figure in Russia is 2% of all retail sales in the country, which is estimated at 10 billion Euros a year.

This was told by Denis Sokolov, Head of research at Cushman & Wakefield, during PROEstate forum. According to him, now 70 Euros per capita comes average of for online purchases in Russia. (In the UK and Scandinavia - 10 times higher). "The most active buyers in Russia spend 3 thousand Euros per year online. This is maximum," - said the expert.

Online trading turnover in Russia is in the bottom of the list - between Chile and Argentina. Although there are 22 million online shoppers in the country and the audience is growing annually by 30%. "40% of the audience lives in the capital, where the market for online trading is close to saturation. However, due to the regions the growth potential of an audience is large," - said Denis Sokolov.

What to buy online? 40% of purchases - air and rail / train tickets and digital content (including 85% - tickets). Electronics - this is 26% of purchases, clothing and footwear - 8%, auto parts - 6%, children's goods - 3%, books and CDs - 2%, cosmetics - 2%, food products - 2%.
The main payment methods - cash to couriers - 58%, electronic money - 49%, bank cards - 32%. "74% of population in Russia has bank cards, but only 40% of them use the card for payment. People are not ready yet to use these services," - says Denis Sokolov.

There are 25 thousand online stores in Russia. Leader is "Yulmart" with a turnover of 292 million Euros a year. "20% of the market is accounted for the top 10 online retailers (in the U.S. 50% of the market is accounted for the top ten). So our market is waiting for consolidation and integration of leading stores," - said the expert.
In Russia, there is no oversupply of commercial meters per capita, says Sokolov, "Trading turnover market in the country - 450 billion Euros per year. 12% of the market for shopping centers (here Russia is in last place in Europe), 2% - on online trade and all the rest is the traditional retailing. "

According to Denis Sokolov’s forecast, the share of online sales in 2015 will reach 4% of turnover and 8% - by 2020. "The consequences for commercial real estate will be the following: retailers have to think about the competition. If you want to get the most - will have to develop a multi-channel retail and both online and in the shopping malls", - he said. But, according to Denis Sokolov, the infrastructure in Russia is such, that it will not let online retailing higher than 7-8% of the market turnover.