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Cheboksary kiosk owners will be forced to update the facades

Mayor of Cheboksary Leonid Cherkesov instructed experts of the city hall to conduct  a raid on kiosks, to find outmoded structures, which have to be demolished subsequently. As a result, 35 such kiosks were founded.

The City hall experts raided to identify outmoded kiosks to be demolished. First of all, the officials checked those kiosks whose owners had already received instructions from City Hall to change the exterior view of the construction. The administration had a claim to the appearance of 53 kiosks. The audit showed that the majority of kiosk owners chose to ignore the order of administration. Only 18 structures were restored in accordance with the requirements of the city administration. The remaining 35 were left to corrode, and some are closed, we were told by the administration of Cheboksary.

In addition, a lot of questions were aroused by experts re: constructions production. In the kiosks, where, according to their names printed products must be sold, you can buy anything you want, quote the city administration "AIF Cheboksary."

It turned out that toys and contraception products are lying close to each other, the articles for  students and 16+ papers, that are very striking. In addition to printed materials, food and so-called "fanfuriki" goods are sold in kiosks.

Now the City Hall will decide the fate of these kiosks. The owners have already received instructions on how to change the appearance of their kiosks. In particular, new building materials are preferable to be used for the design. And not profiled covering, but for example, aluminum composite panel. Also entrepreneurs were encouraged  to "develop a modern design, appropriate to the architectural requirements".