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The capital's distributors have approved the Roadmap for replacement of press kiosks with the new sample model.

How the lots of press kiosks will be generated for placing advertising on them, who will finance the disposal of old kiosks and whether there is a need to develop another model of a stall - all these issues were discussed at the meeting of participants of printed press distribution retail market, held in PDA. The meeting was devoted to the design of a Roadmap for the implementation of a system of measures to replace the press kiosks in Moscow with the model of the new pattern for the period of 2013-2014.


We would remind you, that recently a presentation of a new format "Press" kiosk was held in Moscow. Currently, this model of a stall is awaiting its approval from the city authorities, and if it will be approved, by the summer of 2014 all the newsstands in the city will need to be replaced. Their replacing according to the assurances of the two metropolitan departments - the Department of Commerce and the Department of Media and Advertising, will be conducted due to the participants of the advertising market. They, in turn, will have the right to advertise on the stalls for a period of 10 years.

For the development of step-by-step action, which eventually should lead to such a progressive result for the press market, on August 27 this year the press distributors gathered at the round table. Participants of the meeting were worried about organizational, technical and even political issues ... For example: at whose expense will be the dismantling and recycling of existing kiosks? According to some distributors, removal will be borne by the business. Opponent’s proposal: it must be included in the cost of installing a new kiosk.

Or the allowed there 3 kV will be enough to heat new stalls, designed with as many as four heaters? Solution to the problem could be the increase of the allowed electric power up to 6 kV.

Another one of the controversial issues: who will form lots of kiosks, which will then be offered to participants of the advertising market and under what scheme? Especially, because in such lots, according to the plan, must find their place as well as geographically well placed kiosks and those, that are placed not in the areas with a through passage. One of the possible solutions of the problem can be a division on a territorial basis, for which you just need to "break" Moscow to the equivalent sectors - from the center towards the MKAD...

In order to make a final decision on each issue, it was proposed to establish a special working group, consisting of representatives of interested companies, operators of press distribution market in the capital. In addition, the organizational sector to work in Moscow will be established in PDA to address operational issues, which will take over the coordination of the work between the business and the city authorities.

At the end of the meeting, participants unanimously endorsed the road map for the implementation of the project for the period of 2013-2014.