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To pay for transport ticket and download an e-book will be possible at a newsstand

New type of "Press" kiosks will be modernized with Wi-Fi hotspots. Payment terminals in these kiosks will assist citizens with navigation. And for their installation city will not pay a dime.

New type of "Press" kiosks will be equipped with a new type of Wi-Fi hotspots and help with navigation. It was reported today by Vladimir Chernikov, Acting chief of the Department of Media and Advertisement.

A new experiment has started in the capital, by installing "Press" kiosks of a new pattern. Virtually this entire kiosks showcase is a glass. There are no dark corners, and newspapers and magazines are posted also on the sliding doors of the kiosk. In the corner - an interest-free payment terminal, which will be eventually equipped with Wi-Fi. And after some time "Troika" tickets can be paid in the same terminal, or electronic newspapers or magazines can be downloaded.

Oleg Berezhnoy, General Manager of "Kardos" Group, the owner of the largest network of newsstands in the city, told that a stall of this type has first seen in Bordeaux, in France, when he was there on holiday. Now there are four of these in Moscow, by the end of the year there will be at least 150. However, one of the main differences between the new "Pressa" kiosks and the old ones is that now kiosk is focused on the customer, not vice versa. The citizen can pick up any publication to look through it, according to his desire, check the price.

 - In the showcase, 600 copies of only newspapers and periodicals, to be true, are offered in such a kiosk - one and a half times more than in the usual one, explain Berezhnoy. - And it is easy to explain sales growth up to 100 per cent at one point. Because the outward appearance of each title is more visible. In a typical kiosk all is arranged as loopholes. One has to look into the window and look what is there. One doesn’t know what title he wants to buy; often it’s just an impulse. In this kiosk every copy of the publication is perfectly seen.

Due to the thermal curtain on the marquis and heaters inside, the kiosk will not be cold in winter. The Finnish window with red-hot glass also will protect from the cold. If necessary, the glass can be taken off in the heat, for example. A special coating is designed as a protection against graffiti – special spraying. Acting Head of the Department of Media and Advertising Vladimir Chernikov and Acting Head of the Department of Trade and Services Alexey Nemeryuk are satisfied with these kiosks. Moreover, the setting of modernistic samples of "Press" are in the long-term plans at the expense of advertisers.

- These kiosks will give a double benefit - says Chernikov. - We want to install these kiosks throughout Moscow. But not in two or three years, as planned. We want to replace all 2,600 pieces of kiosks the next year. We want to put up for sale the very location of the kiosks with the possibility of placing advertising on them. Now we are working on this option. That is, for the appearance of a new kiosk not the publishers will be paying but advertisers. This is a good investment project. And we are thinking about the option of entitlement for 10 years.

So, the city authorities intend to develop amendments to the legislation to allow the right to place a kiosk not for three years, as now, but for 10 years. At the same time, the right to place advertising on this kiosk will also be available for 10 years.

This kiosk – is a wonderful example, that the industry is developing, a wonderful example, that a publisher, as well as a buyer, are interested in this way it goes - said Chernikov. - An example of how to solving the problem in complex leads to the following result. This is our little, but the victory!

- Press - this is the kind of product that is always needed - said Nemeryuk. - If after a year tobacco kiosks will leave out of the capital at all, then we still will need press. Location of  "Press" kiosks in the last five years is maintained. We do not reduce, and in some cases – increase them.

There are still some areas in the city where there are no "Press" kiosks. As Chernikov said, if you calculate how many press kiosks are needed to a thousand of inhabitants, according to the world standards, there is a shortage of ten thousand kiosks in the capital. Practically, the number of kiosks will be increased by 1.5-2 thousand, which will set with the lapse of time. Now, the Department of Commerce together with the Department of Media and Advertising once again jointly will review the layout of the kiosks. It is important in order to ensure comfortable locations of all 2,600 kiosks for people, as well as - where and what advertising space can be offered.

- If we’ll manage to implement these plans, the city will receive 2600 upgraded kiosks without spending a single penny, - said Chernikov. Finally, those kiosks that everyone was fed up with will be withdrawn. New, modern, if you like, a kind of multifunctional centers will appear. Of course, advertisers are interested in the place where the kiosk is located. And we'll work on dislocation from this point of view as well. It is also necessary to make the right lots – so, that in one lot could be favorably placed kiosks, and not, when it comes to the kiosks in the yards, as well.

The cost of this kiosk with full packaging is 700 thousand rubles. Minimum equipment will cost 450 thousand rubles. It is completed in Moscow, said the commercial director of "Novotek" (producer of kiosks) Sergey Matveyev.

- The supermarket concept is working in this kiosk, - said Matveyev. – A polite seller advises you something. A specified payment terminal provided here also increases the growth of visits. This terminal will work from seven o'clock in the morning.


Alexei Nemeryuk, Aacting Head of the Department of Trade and Services:

— It is necessary to revise the legal framework now to make the preferences for the press distributors to prepare contracts not for three years, as it works now, but for ten years. Indeed, we see a few different kiosks in this square. Printed press - is an impulse buying. As such, the stand looks much better, more customers approaches it. If tobacco kiosks will go away out of the capital after a year, then we’ll need press always. The location of "Press" kiosks in the last five years is maintained. We do not reduce them, but in some cases – we do increase them.

Photo report about this newstand you can find here